The Stewart Golf Q Follow electric trolley is one of the products featured on our Editor’s Choice list for 2021

Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Trolley 

Stewart Golf has a track record of defying convention and the latest example is the Q Follow, a truly unique offering in the electric trolley market that builds on what we saw with the X9 Follow.

The concept is simple and cleverly executed – which our full review highlights – the trolley will follow behind you at a safe distance, matching your walking pace and leaving your hands completely free to do other things like take a drink of water or simply soak up your surroundings.

We like it so much that it also features on our guide to the best electric golf trolleys of 2021.

Stewart Golf Q Follow Trolley

New Compact Design

The Q Follow boasts a completely new frame design that allows it to fold down much more compactly and using just two buttons, plus it can now be stored vertically. 

The marble effect on the frame and the carbon fibre details add a touch of class to what is already an elegant and highly sophisticated looking electric trolley.

In practice, the Q Follow provides smoother turns than the X9 and goes up hills more efficiently thanks to the new stabiliser design that incorporates two wheels to also stop the trolley from tipping over.

Extreme Stability

The big thing we noticed with the Q Follow was how much more stable it seemed. The wider front wheel base and overall design means it seems to hug the ground much better, to the point that you really don’t need to worry about it tipping over. 

Depending on the course design, you should be able to use the Follow mode for the majority of your round, but you can easily switch to the Remote mode for more precarious situations where you need to take more direct control – like going over narrow bridges – or if you simply want to see the trolley in front of you.

We also like how you can pair the battery to a smartphone app via Bluetooth to see exactly how much power is left and whether a top up is required.

The Q Follow looks to have become the leader in electric trolley design and functionality. It’s great fun to use and truly unique meaning it will turn heads for the right reasons. 

Stewart Golf Q Follow Trolley