Golf Monthly's Stewart Golf X9 Follow trolley review, a cutting edge electric trolley that follows you around the course leaving you free to focus on your game

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Stewart Golf X9 Follow electric trolley


  • The X9 Follow is fun and enjoyable to use, keeps your hands free to do more important things between shots and takes the stress out of trolley navigation.


  • It is quite large when folded down and heavy too, meaning those with back problems may struggle to lift it in and out of the car.


Stewart Golf X9 Follow Trolley


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Stewart Golf X9 Follow Trolley Review


1. Styling The unique chassis design gives a futuristic, high-end look, which is combined with sporty wheels with red receivers, reminiscent of brake discs on a sports car. It’s small touches like these that help the design stand out from the crowd and when we used it, it certainly turned a few heads in the car park and received a lot of interest.

2. Options The X9 Follow is made in Great Britain and available in three stock colour options; Metallic Silver, Metallic Black and Pearlescent White as featured in the video above.


3. Battery The lightweight 12-volt Lithium battery is design to fit a Stewart trolley and comes with a two-year warranty. Golfers can now upgrade to an increased capacity battery, which provides around 40 per cent more power and should be enough to manage 36 holes on flat golf courses.

4. Handset The rechargeable handset connects with the trolley via Bluetooth, allowing for remote control, follow and manual capabilities at the touch of a button. It can easily be clipped on to your belt buckle or back pocket, as well as on to the trolley itself, to keep the movement of the trolley smooth when in Follow mode.


5. Operation When you press the ‘Follow’ button on the handset, the trolley will follow you when you begin walking and will match your walking pace, even down hills thanks to a sophisticated breaking system. When the handset is close to the trolley, say when you clip it to the handle to play your shot, it is inside a “neutral zone” and therefore the trolley remains stationary.

Stewart X9 Follow

The Stewart X9 Follow electric golf trolley

6. Steering The handset can also be used as a remote control, as with previous Stewart Golf electric trolleys. This allows the X9 Follow to be sent off to near the next tee as you approach the green or for it to meet you up the fairway after chipping out from the trees.


7. Control The unique nature of the Follow design means it does take a little bit of getting used to before you have complete confidence in it. Once you do that, though, you have the ability to walk the course hands-free, but with the benefits that using an electric trolley brings. This is as near as you can get to having a caddie without actually having one.

8. Ease of use It takes nine or so holes to learn when best to press the ‘Follow’ button, and to get used to clipping the remote on to your belt. After that, though, the technology is very easy to use and the hands-free nature of the function means you’re free to take a drink of water, eat a snack or hold your umbrella on wet days. It’s worth switching the manual or remote modes when walking on narrow paths or bridges to gain the extra control you need in these situations.

9. Chassis The design is very sturdy, and a stability bar means it will cope very
well with hills and not tip over backwards. However, that stability makes it bigger than a lot of electric trolleys. There’s also lots of holders for balls, pencils and tees on the handle, which is a nice touch.

10. Summary As expected, all this cutting edge technology comes with a relatively high price point but you are getting a lot for your money. There really is no other trolley like it and it genuinely makes using it a fun and enjoyable experience. You will be the envy of your golf club if you rock up to the first tee with the X9 Follow, for sure.


First and foremost, the X9 Follow is a great concept. The trolley looks fantastic and is certainly unlike anything else on the market. The Follow function especially takes some getting used to, but once you've mastered this and the other navigation functions, using it should enhance your experience on the golf course.