Why The Q Follow Is Taking The Electric Trolley Market By Storm

Why the Q Follow is taking the global electric trolley market by storm

Why The Q Follow Is Taking The Electric Trolley Market By Storm

By pushing the boundaries of design and innovation, the Stewart Golf Q Follow electric trolley is proving to be a huge hit among golfers around the world

Why The Q Follow Is Taking The Electric Trolley Market By Storm

Of all the technological advancements in the game over the last few years, nothing quite rivals the improvements witnessed in the electric trolley category. Stewart Golf has a track record of defying convention and in its Q Follow you have one of the most cutting-edge products on the market.

Stewart Golf’s all-new flagship model does exactly what the name suggests – it follows you as you play, allowing you to focus on your golf and enjoy unparalleled freedom on the course. In short, it gives you a pro-like experience. Such was the enjoyment we had when using it, a place in our Editors' Choice 2021 Awards was a worthy accolade, but what makes this electric trolley such a joy to use?


All of its unique functionality stems from a handset, which connects to the trolley via Bluetooth and has a 50-metre range. When this handset is in close proximity to the trolley, which is known as the Neutral zone, the trolley will stay stationary. Once you’ve hit your shot and you walk on, you step into the Active Zone and, if you’re in Follow mode, the trolley will follow behind.

Of course, there are times when golfers want to take more direct control of their trolley – it is, after all, a valuable piece of kit. In Remote mode, you can negotiate tight spots, such as bridges and car parks, with ease and confidence.


This functionality is really useful in other situations, too. For example, if you stray into the trees or long rough – as we all do over the course of a round – you can leave the trolley on the fairway, play your shot and use the remote to guide it up to your new position.

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No matter where you play and what terrain you encounter, it’s hard not to be impressed with how the trolley reacts, and when the Q Follow does track you down the fairway, it does so at your walking pace and at a safe distance, even when going down slopes. It doesn’t take long to get used to the handset and switching between the modes soon becomes second nature. In fact, in time, you’ll probably find yourself shaving time off your rounds given how simple it is to guide the trolley around the greens and ahead to the next tee.


Such impressive functionality should come as no surprise. The British brand, which is owned and run by engineers, is ahead of the game when it comes to innovation and golfers have taken to it, converting intrigue into sales. As well as almost doubling the number of staff at the company, they are also adding a further 3500sqft of floor space to allow the creation of dedicated Q, X and R Series production lines as well as a second electronics assembly area to keep up with increased demand.

One of the most impressive design features is the retractable stabiliser, which automatically deploys as the trolley is unfolded. Equipped with two dual-bearing, free rolling wheels and with supreme natural balance, you can always be confident that all your golf gear is safe and secure.


With this guaranteed peace of mind, you’re able to focus on what matters most – your golf. Whether you’re having a chat with your friends, marking your scorecard or taking in the surroundings, there really is no need to worry about where your cart and bag is – and who knows how much better you might play with that unwanted distraction?

Stewart Golf’s hand built trolleys aren’t just popular around the world because of their unique design and functionality. Boosting the Q Follow’s appeal further still are the looks. Its microcellular composite material, which helps make the frame design stiffer and stronger for greater stability, also gives the trolley a marble effect. Along with the carbon fibre effect wheel arches, it looks like a machine sent back from the future.

“The Q Series was four years in development and all of our electric trolleys have been designed with performance and stability as express priorities, which differs from most other remote machines on the market that are derived from ‘single motor’ versions, Mark Stewart, CEO of Stewart Golf, explains. “If you’re 50m away from the trolley you need to be confident that it’s as stable as possible.”

“The Q Follow frees you up from being permanently attached to your trolley. This allows you to walk freely and focus on your next shot - better for your back, your game and your whole golfing experience.”

Never mind the latest driver or eye-catching set of bladed irons, nothing will make you the envy of your weekend fourball quite like the Stewart Golf Q Follow. It’s fun to use and there really is nothing else like it on the market.

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