Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Trolley Tested By You

Three golfers test the unique Stewart Golf Q Follow electric trolley for the first time

Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Trolley Reader Test

Three golfers that normally carry their bag, use a push trolley or conventional electric trolley experience the Stewart Golf Q Follow for the first time and share their on-course experiences

Designed, engineered and hand-built in Great Britain, the Q Follow boasts the brand’s seventh generation Follow technology, which allows the trolley to automatically follow the golfer around the course to enhance the enjoyment of the game during a round. 

Whether used as a remote-control trolley, or with the innovative Follow function, the Q Follow is said to give golfers the ultimate freedom out on the course.

But to put this theory to the test, we gave the Q Follow to three ordinary golfers who either carry their bag, use a push trolley or use a conventional electric trolley to try it out for a round at the stunning West Hill Golf Club for the very first time and see if it delivers an elevated playing experience. 


After a brief demonstration, it was time for our three testers to tee off with the weather set fair and spirits high.

Dan Griffin (hcp 8) normally uses a carry bag at his home course as it features a lot of heather and he finds the extra portability easier when taking his bag into the heavier rough and sometimes only advancing his ball 20 yards. 

The picturesque heathland course at West Hill provided a similar topography for Dan to deal with, and he found the Q Follow was more than up to the task when his ball found its way into the deep stuff. 


“The Follow mode is incredible, just so simple and ideal when you've hit a good drive and want a stress-free walk down the fairway where you can take in the surroundings or think about your next shot.”

“I found myself in the heather a few times today and I could leave the trolley in the light rough and use the Remote to guide it down to where my next shot was to change clubs.”

“I always carried because I thought it was the most efficient way to get around the golf course. But having the remote control and the Follow function gives me the perfect blend of everything.”

As a regular carrier of a bag, Dan could certainly feel the difference between using the Q Follow for 18 holes versus carrying a full bag of 14 clubs. 


“My shoulders feel better and I generally just feel a lot freer. My back feels great too as you don’t have to put your bag on your back after every shot. I feel fresher for sure.”

Our next tester James Earwicker (hcp 17) primarily uses a push trolley when he plays golf as he carries a lot of extra accessories in his bag that lead it to becoming heavy. 

His first experience with the Q Follow really opened up his eyes to the extent to which actually pushing a push trolley exerts a lot of energy. 


“What I’ve noticed with the Q Follow is it's taken a lot of effort out of pushing the trolley. It's versatile, easy to move and really easy to get used to the controls.” 

Stability was one thing James was most curious about when comparing the Q Follow to his push trolley.

“I was impressed with how stable it was across rough terrain,” James explained. “There’s lots of tree roots, gravel and uneven paths here and I’m surprised how well it's taken to the terrain - it never looked like tipping over once.” 

James’ peace of mind when using the Q Follow was thanks to its purpose-built chassis with a low centre of gravity that means uneven surfaces and any other natural humps and bumps expected on a golf course are confidently traversed.

The rear stabiliser, which incorporates two dual-ball bearing wheels, allows the Q Follow to go up steep inclines without the threat of tipping over backwards. This gave our testers the real freedom to walk the course with the confidence the trusty Q Follow was behind them at a safe distance. 

Our final tester, Dave Walters (hcp 9), has been using an electric trolley ever since a back injury curtailed his ability to carry. 


“It’s so different to my current electric trolley and I love how it totally takes my mind off my bag and clubs and I can just send it on its way from tee to green as I walk ahead of it.” 

“My first electric trolley had such limited functionality compared to the Q Follow and being able to test this has fully converted me. It's the future.” 

After a successful 18 holes at West Hill, all three of our testers seemed to have been won over by the Q Follow’s innovative and easy-to-use features. 

While all three of them arrived at West Hill Golf Club using different methods to transport their clubs, it seems they have all left convinced the Q Follow is the way forward.

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