SkyCaddie SX500 GPS Revealed - This new top-of-the-range handheld GPS features a 5-inch HD colour screen, even more course detail and a 13-megapixel camera

SkyCaddie SX500 GPS Revealed

The long-awaited replacement to SkyCaddie’s top-of-the-range handheld GPS is finally here in the form of the new SX500.

Taking over from the Touch model, the SX500 features a 5” full HD colour touch screen and uses in-built WiFi to download the latest, ground-verified courses on foot from more than 35,000 available for improved accuracy.

When the SX500’s PinPoint custom-pin settings are combined with IntelliGreen Pro technology, users can get distances to the day’s pin positions and see distances to major tiers and contours on the green, false fronts and greenside mounds to assist with strategy.


Golfers can also get instant distances to the pin from blind spots and from behind trees, to find out where bunkers are positioned around uphill greens, to get yardages to strategic lay-up points, and to assess the threat of hazards and fairway run-outs which are impossible to see with line-of-sight.

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The green view will also dynamically rotate to show full IntelliGreen Pro information from the golfer’s own angle of attack, and its multiple Dynamic RangeVue yardage arcs overlay fairway landing areas and greens to show at-a-glance yardages across the full width of the hole.


Another new SX500 feature, Dynamic HoleVue with Integrated Targets, boosts the device’s in-play usability as up to 40 geo-referenced targets per hole have been pre-created by experienced SkyCaddie course mappers, SX500 owners can see an overview of the entire hole or they can double-tap or pinch to zoom in for a closer view of every bunker, every water hazard, every carry and layup point – with accurate distances to each, according to where they are standing.


Improved power comes from an ultra-fast multi-core processor and the rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, which lasts more than 36 holes, while the ruggedised, highly water-resistant design which makes SX500 grippy in the worst of weather.

For practice rounds, golfers can enter their club-by-club distances into their SkyGolf 360 account. The SX500’s unique Dynamic RangeVue with Club Ranges feature will then show in-play club selection suggestions tailored to your game, the next time you are on the golf course.

There’s a Super Large Number Mode for quick, at-a-glance distances to the front, middle and back of the green. Other features include a digital scorecard, Shot Distance Measurement and a Target List View that gives you a quick list of all the targets ahead of you on the hole.

To top it off you’ll even find a 13-megapixel camera, enabling you to take photos during your round of golf which are then uploaded to your SkyGolf 360 online user account.

The SX500 is available in the UK from late August 2018 with an RRP of £379.95 including a year’s pre-paid Birdie membership covering over 99% of golf courses in Great Britain & Ireland.