The new Callaway Supersoft balls revealed today for 2021 provide the soft feel some golfers absolutely love as well as enhanced distance in the long game

New Callaway Supersoft Balls Revealed

Joining the new ERC Soft in Callaway’s low-compression ball category for 2021 are the Supersoft and Supersoft Max, two models aimed at the average golfer seeking a soft feel.

The updated Supersoft features a new Hybrid Cover made with a Paraloid Impact Modifier from Dow.


This design promotes long distance, outstanding feel and short game control as well as long-lasting durability.

The Soft Compression Core is engineered to create maximum ball speed by enhancing energy transfer, along with a combination of high launch and low spin in your longer clubs.


Finally, Callaway’s HEX Aerodynamics dimple pattern on the cover reduces drag and increases lift for enhanced launch and optimised trajectory.

The Supersoft ball also comes in six colour choices for those golfers that want to add some personality to their rounds.

The Supersoft Max replaces the Supersoft Magna, which was three per cent larger in size than a conventional golf ball but still conforming to the rules of golf.


The Supersoft Max maintains the oversized design that promotes distance, a straighter ball flight, and super-soft characteristics in an easy-to-hit construction that conforms to the rules of golf.

To create even more distance, the Tri-Blend Ionomer cover is built for maximum ball speed with high launch and low spin.


All of this forgiveness is designed to promote more consistent contact for increased distance. The high speed, low compression core enhances energy transfer and provides a super-soft feel.

Our testing of the Supersoft Magna showed that it offers a more confidence-inspiring prospect behind the ball and a straighter ball flight through the air, which will appeal to higher handicappers looking to improve their accuracy on all lengths of shot.

The new Callaway Supersoft and Supersoft Max golf balls go on sale February 4th with an RRP of £22.99 per dozen.