Honma Unveils New Luxury Wedge Lineup

The leading Japanese golf brand has unveiled its new, luxury Beres wedge lineup for 2021.

(Image credit: Honma)

The leading Japanese golf brand has unveiled its new Beres wedge for 2021, a luxury wedge designed for golfers who want high performing, luxury golf equipment in their bag.

Honma Unveils New Luxury Wedge Lineup

Honma has unveiled its new luxury wedge lineup for 2021 with its Beres wedges.

It is the first wedge model in the Beres series since it was rebranded in 2019 and the announcement comes after Honma announced its 2021 T//World wedge line up last month.

The super-premium Beres wedge comes in five loft version and combines Honma's craftsmanship with the most premium materials available to deliver maximum speed and spin performance, as well as offering a luxurious finish.

In creating the Beres wedge in Sakata, Japan, more than 100 Takumi - a word used by Honma to refer to its master craftsmen - apply expert club building techniques and fine attention to detail to create a product that delivers unrivalled short game performance.

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The design of the Beres wedges incorporates what Honma call Slide Zones and Spin Zones that help the wedge deliver premium performance.

Forming the Slide Zone, the sole of the Beres wedge incorporates nickel-chrome plating with a low co-efficient of friction, as well as a smooth camber, to ensure the club head slides through the turf and sand for optimal speed at impact.

In the Spin Zone, a proprietary black nickel plating on the CNC milled face produces a high amount of friction and maximum surface roughness for spin control.

Honma Unveils New Luxury Wedge Lineup

The reverse taper design of the Beres wedge.

The combination of the 'zones' in the Beres wedges, along with the high-CG reverse taper blade design, ensures the ball stays in contact with the club face for longer to deliver maximum spin and optimal distance control across all lofts.

The Beres wedge is available in two grinds - the I-Sole and the C-Sole.

On the left, the I-Sole Beres wedge available in 50° and 52°. On the right, the C-Sole Beres wedge available in 56°, 58° and 60°.

The I-Sole - available in the 50° and 52° wedges - features a thin trailing edge which slides under the ball easily on full shots to deliver consistent distance in the lofts where golfers are more likely to be hitting full approach shots.

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The C-Sole - available in the 56°, 58° and 60° wedges - delivers heel and toe trailing edge relief with a flat bounce surface for shot making versatility in the lofts where golfers are more likely to be opening the club face for smaller chip shots around the green or out of bunkers.

A lightweight True Temper Dynamic Gold 95 VSS Pro Steel shaft comes as standard in all Beres wedges, but there is the option to add the ultra-premium ARMRQ shafts as a custom order.

The new Honma Beres wedge is available now across Europe with an RRP of £249.