Golfdotz: Golf Ball Transfers

Golfdotz provide an alternative ball marking method to outdated and messy methods


In the July 2013 issue of Golf Monthly you will get a free packet of Golfdotz.

Golfdotz are a new innovation introduced to the golfing world to change the way in which players mark their golf balls.

Best described as a transferable ink "tattoo", Golfdotz simply bond with the skin of the ball when firm pressure from your thumb is applied. With only 8 seconds of firm pressure you will transfer the design to any ball and be ready for play.

Golfdotzare designed and manufactured in the USA and provide golfers with a great alternative to outdated ball marking methods such as messy pens, stencils that smudge, and dull ball stampers.

Inventors feel that without a doubt, Golfdotz are the finest way to mark a golf ball since the invention of the game. 

Most importantly, Golfdotz have been approved by the USGA & R&A as conforming to the rules of golf and furthermore have no effect on the roll or flight of the golf ball. For this reason, many tour players are now using the new product.
Golfdotz are in use on all major tours, including PGA, European, LPGA, LET and more. 

Rory Sabbatini commented on the innovative product saying: "Golfdotz are the most unique and interesting method of identifying a golf ball I've seen."

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