GolfBuddy Voice2 Talking GPS Device Unveiled

GolfBuddy has launched its most versatile and wearable GPS unit ever

GolfBuddy Voice2
The new GolfBuddy Voice2 GPS comes in two colours

GolfBuddy has launched its most versatile and wearable GPS unit to date with the new GolfBuddy Voice2, which speaks your yardages among its many features

GolfBuddy has launched its most versatile GPS unit to date with the new GolfBuddy Voice2, and it even talks!

The compact GPS can be used in a number of ways thanks to its supplied accessories. These include a bespoke wrist strap that turns it into a GPS watch.

It also comes with a leather belt clip that lets you lift the unit to see the screen when its clipped on. This even has an automated flip-screen mode where the display roates 180 degrees for easy reading.

In addition to the belt clip and watch strap, a hard clip-on case means it can be attached to your cap or golf bag, while it's also small enough to fit discreetly in your pocket.

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GolfBuddy Voice2 Key Specifications

As with the original GolfBuddy Voice, you can either view the yardages on the screen, or press a button to hear the unit say the distances out loud.

Other key specifications include Dynamic Green View where the yardages change if you're apporaching the green from another fairway or from an alternate angle.

Large numbers on the display help speed up the process, while the GolfBuddy Voice2 can also measure your drives using the Shot Distance Measurement function.

Auto Course and Auto Hole Recognition further reduce the amount of potential stress, while the 14 hour battery life is very impressive.

Those using the voice functionality can choose between a number of languages, male or female voices or mute the sound altogether.

As with all GolfBuddy products, there are also no annual fees and no hidden costs to download courses, with free updates covering you for the life of the unit.

The GolfBuddy Voice2 comes ready to use out of the box with access to over 38,000 courses worldwide. It comes in two colours and has an RRP of £114.95.

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