GolfBuddy Voice X Revealed - This new compact GPS tells you the distance to the green and easily fits in your pocket or can be worn on your cap or belt

GolfBuddy Voice X Revealed

The Voice X is GolfBuddy’s latest golf GPS device, combining simplicity and function in a unit that can be used and worn in a number of ways.

Once charged, it will automatically pick up your location from over 40,000 courses worldwide and you’re ready to go. If by a slim chance you’re playing a course that needs an update, the Automatic Course Update (ACU) function kicks in via an app on your smart phone and the latest data for the most accurate distances is uploaded straight to your device.

Once you set off on your round the options for the Voice X give golfers the chance to customise their experience but with one eye firmly on making those choices accessible to all.

As the name suggests, audio is a key option of the Voice X as it will speak your distances. However, if you wish, at the touch of a button, the voice function turns off leaving you with large figures for front, centre, back and hazards.

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Distances are delivered using GolfBuddy’s Dynamic Green View technology, that gives yardages from your angle of approach, be that straight down the middle or from the next fairway across.

The shot measurement function allows you to accurately gauge distance with every club helping to better understand shot selection. Step counting, watch function and 10hr battery life in GPS mean the Voice X can be worn off the course, while the design means it can be easily clipped to a belt, hat or pocket.

The GolfBuddy Voice X has an RRP of £149.99.