FootJoy, the #1 shoe and glove in golf, has added more sizes and widths to popular FJ ICON MyJoys collection in order to provide an extra dimension to its unique customisation programme.

Now available in 3-12 in half sizes, plus 13-16 in full sizes, the shoe will be offered in six widths across all sizes ranging from XN (Extra Narrow) to XXW (Extra Extra Wide) in order to provide all golfers with the facility to create shoes according to their own personal taste – regardless of the size of their feet.

The MyJoys programme has become a significant part of FootJoy’s market-leading range, with sales trending 50% higher than for the same period in 2009.

“We are aware that not every golfer falls into the more common size
profile of 7-11, and we can now offer the same level of choice and
service to all golfers with shoes available from a size 3 extra narrow
to a size 16 extra, extra wide, all in the style and colour of their own
choice,” said Richard Fryer, FootJoy’s European marketing manager.

Behind the popularity of its innovative ‘MyJoys May’ promotion at the PGA Championship at Wentworth, and the ‘MyJoys 150th Anniversary Open Shoe’ at St Andrews, MyJoys have seen increased interest from all types of golfer, leading FootJoy to increase its availability to include additional sizes and widths.

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