Evan Hoffman's Cortex driver outlasted hundreds of other designs in the Golf Channel TV show


Cortex Wins Wilson Driver Vs Driver TV Show

The Golf Channel and Wilson Golf’s Driver vs Driver season two has now finished and the Cortex driver is the winner.

The Cortex, designed by Evan Hoffman from San Diego, California, will be coming to market very soon.

Hoffman received a prize of $250,000 along with the opportunity to have his design brought to life under the Wilson Staff brand name.

The ‘Cortex’ is Wilson’s most adjustable driver and is said to offer golfers ultimate forgiveness along with feel and complete control from the tee.

It features a titanium structure; carbon panels; sliding adjustable weights; and interchangeable weights (2g and 8g) to provide golfers premium performance, precise weight distribution and adjustability.

“Season Two of the show produced two amazing finalists; the Cortex and the Rozwell,” said Tim Clarke, President of Wilson Golf.

“Ultimately, the Cortex came out on top with its clean, classic shape, overall consistent performance results from a wide range of player testers and steady sound across the entire face of the club.

“We are excited to get this driver into the hands of players at all levels of the game,” he added.

The Wilson Staff Cortex driver features Fast Cage Technology, which consists of a weight-tuned titanium internal structure and 44% of its surface area is covered in Carbon Fibre Panels.

This Ti-Carbon construction allows for a precise distribution of weight and frees up additional weight for maximum adjustability.

The ‘Cortex’ features the longest sliding track Wilson has ever built with an 8g adjustable weight across the centre of the club head to allow golfers to tweak their spin and ball flight.

The interchangeable weights can promote a neutral, draw or fade bias.

The Cortex features Wilson Golf’s patented Fast Fit Technology hosel system which comes with six adjustable options to adjust the driver’s loft in half-degree increments.

The hosel is also backwards compatible, making Cortex adaptable for use with shafts from previous Wilson drivers.

The ‘Cortex’ comes with premium Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec shafts as standard, available in three profiles (red for highest launch, blue for middle, and black for lowest).

To evolve his original driver concept, Evan collaborated with Wilson LABS – the innovation hub at Wilson Golf – engineers to perfect his design over an intense 18-month process.

His design was selected over hundreds of submissions sent into the seven-part show on Golf Channel.

“This entire experience has been so surreal,” said Evan.

“I never thought I’d get to turn my passion for sports and design into a career.

“I want to give a big thank you to the Wilson design team.

“It’s been amazing to work with them, as they’ve taken every critique, comment and praise on board and refined my original design into what I believe is the ideal driver, which I’d love to have in my bag and I know others will as well,” he added.

The Wilson Staff Cortex will be available from select retailers this month at an RRP of £399 (€449).

The entire Wilson Driver vs Driver Series 2 can be watch here for free on YouTube

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