2014 Titleist NXT Tour S golf ball

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The 2014 Titleist NXT Tour S golf ball is one of four new Titleist golf balls for 2014, alongside the NXT Tour, Velocity and DT SoLo.

The 2014 NXT Tour S is aimed at those players who want distance, a consistence flight and short-game control with an even softer compression feel than the regular 2014 NXT Tour.

The Titleist NXT Tour S has been re-engineered with a propriety softer compression, highly resilient core and new, thinner Fusablend cover to deliver a softer feel of every shot.

Titleist says the 2014 NXT Tour S is softer than both the regular 2014 NXT Tour and the previous model.

The ball, which comes with a sphericaly-tiled 302 octahedral dimple design, is available in both white and high-optic yellow colour schemes.

According to Titleist, the 2014 NXT Tour’s player benefits are:

– Outstanding distance
– Consistent flight
– Short game spin and control
– Even softer feel on all shots
– Excellent durability

The 2014 Titleist NXT Tour S is available in February and comes with a suggested retail price of £34 per dozen.