Which Putter Length Should You Use?

We discuss why putter length is so important

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Finding the correct putter length will give you the best chance of setting up with your eyes over the ball, a must if you want an accurate putting stroke

Which Putter Length Should You Use?

Finding the correct putter length will give you the best chance of setting up with your eyes over the ball, a must if you want an accurate putting stroke. It will also help you strike the ball consistently from the middle of the face which will help your distance control.

Depending on your posture and wrist-to-floor measurement (opens in new tab), this can mean a putter length, in general, anywhere between 32-35”. The difference between these measurements is huge.

To have the best chance of establishing the correct length for your personal set-up, you should go through a putter fitting with a professional.

If however, you are thinking about altering your current putter and want to know why an incorrect putter length might be costing you, here are some quick tips.

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Think your current putter length is too long?

A length that is too long will cause you to subconsciously stand further from the ball, moving your eyes inside, instead of over, the ball.

This could mean the arc of your putter is flatter and the toe of your putter could be off the ground, pushing your aim left of target.

A putter that is too long might also see you try to accommodate the extra length by bringing your elbows in too close to your body, rather than letting your arms hang naturally under your shoulders. This would fight against the natural pendulum motion we all want to see.

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Think your current putter length is too short?

A putter that is too short will cause you to stand closer to the ball, with your eyes past the target line.

Consequently, your putter path and shaft will be more upright. The heel of your putter could also lift off the ground causing it to aim right.

A length that is too short for you will also cause you to crouch over, adding needless pressure to your back.


In case it hasn’t already become clear after reading the above, let us state for once and for all; there is no ideal putter length for everyone, it all comes down to your personal measurements and posture.

In fact, if you are comfortable with your putting stroke and are having success with it, you should not be concerned by your putter length.

Most professional shops will stock models between 33-35”, so if you are unsure about your current flatstick, why not pop-in and try some out for a size comparison? The pro will be more than happy to offer their advice.

If you do decide to go it alone, remember, before you make any alterations you must consider the effect they’ll have on the swing weight. Taking length off will make the club feel different, especially on longer strokes, and it could throw out your finely tuned tempo without you even realising.

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