Here are 12 things you didn't know about one of the biggest brands in golf, TaylorMade.


12 Things You Didn’t Know About TaylorMade

A brand name that has been part of the golfing world for decades now, TaylorMade has become one of the biggest companies in golf and have several of the world’s top players signed to use their equipment.

12 Things You Didn’t Know About TaylorMade

1. TaylorMade was founded in 1979 after a salesman called Gary Adams took out a $24,000 loan to form TaylorMade Golf.

2. In the beginning he rented a factory that had once been used to make television sets.

3. TaylorMade was one of the first companies that offered customisation on their clubs. In fact when they first made this available on their Spider Tour putters, there were so many different options that you could have ordered 417,792 different right-handed putters.

4. PGA Tour player Ron Streck was the first player to win a tournament using a TaylorMade wood. This came at the 1981 Michelob-Houston Open and included a third-round 62.

5. In 2004 TaylorMade introduced the R7 Quad driver, which popularised ‘Moveable Weight Technology’ that has become the norm on drivers these days.

6. Adidas, which had owned TaylorMade since 1997, sold the brand to KPS Capital Partners for $425 million.

7. In 2009 the brand introduced ‘Flight Control Technology’ in the R9 driver,which gave golfers the ability to change loft, lie and face angle of the club.

8. Currently TaylorMade have some of the best players in the world signed to use their clubs including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm and Jason Day.

9. Many of their tour pros use personalised golf balls. Rory uses number 22, Day has 87 and Rickie Fowler uses number 15.

10. Adams sold his stake in the company in the 1990s and passed away in 2000.

11. The current CEO and President is David Abeles.

12. The headquarters for the brand is in Carlsbad, California and they also have offices in Basingstoke, England.

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