Quiz – How well do you know Tiger Woods’ Life and Career?

Think you know a lot about Tiger Woods’ life and career? Well here’s a chance to find out.

golf quiz Tiger Woods’ Life
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Can you answer these 20 questions about Tiger Woods’ life and career?

Tiger Woods is one of the most talked about sportsman the world has ever had, with every aspect of Tioger Woods’ life and career debated, discussed and talked and written about. We at Golf Monthly have written a lot of it ourselves, such as our 21 Things You Didn't Know About Tiger Woods which you may wish to read before doing this quiz as part of your last-minute revision – or would you consider that to be cheating?

He has captured the public imagination like few sportsman do. Part of it is his heritage, which he has described as "Cablinasian" as he is one-quarter Thai, one-quarter Chinese, one-quarter Caucasian, one-eighth African-American and one-eighth Native American. His mother, Tida, considers him to be primarily Asian, as "a mother raises her son, and he had an Asian mother." She also raised him as a Buddhist, a faith he still follows.

His father, Earl, was a keen golfer and through him Tiger got interested in golf. Earl was a good golfer himself as it was not until he was 11 years old that Tiger able to beat him – although it is said that after this Tiger never again lost a game of golf to his father. Tiger was an infant prodigy at golf. Aged 2 he appeared on the Mike Douglas Show, alongside Bob Hope, demonstrating his golfing prowess.

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