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Can you ace our on hole in one stats and facts quiz?

hole in one stats quiz
If we told who this is and where he was celebrating, we would be helping with an answer - so we won't. Sorry.
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Fifteen questions on hole in one stats, facts and unlikely occurrences

Some hole in one stats and facts  are well known, for example the tradition that someone who makes a hole in one has to buy drinks all round. (This always struck me as unfair as the player with what might well be a once-in-a-lifetime achievement – see question 7 for further details about this aspect – is effectively punished, at least in the wallet, for it.) Others are less so.

I have never made a hole in one (well not yet… lets be positive here, after all time may be still on my side – see question 4), but I was playing with my elder brother when he made a hole in one using a putter. It was on a 85-yard hole at my club.

Rowan McCarthy, a 20-handicap golfer, managed to make a hole-in-one and an albatross in the same round at Wembley Golf Course in Perth.  

A friend told me recently how, many years ago, he had had taken his daughter golfing for her first round, well in fact her first nine holes. She made a hole in one on one of them. She has never played again, leaving her with a career average of making a hole in one on 11% of the holes she has played.

This prompted me to look up some facts on hole in ones, or aces as they are sometimes called. On the principle of waste not want not, here comes a quiz based on these, including some statistics and a story of an ace even more outrageously unlikely than that of my brother’s...

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