Quiz - Men Who Have Won The Most Golf Majors

Can you name the nineteen men who have won the most Golf Majors in our quiz – and do so against the clock?

Men who have won the most golf Majors
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Can you name the nineteen men who have won the most golf Majors? All of them have won at least five Majors. The first man to get to five Major golf titles won his first Major in 1896. The most recent entrant to this select band of golfers won his first Major in 1997.

The four tournaments which constitute the modern interpretation of a Major are The Open Championship, the US Open, the US PGA Championship and the US Masters.

The Amateur Championship and the US Amateur used to be considered Majors, but no longer are. For this reason we have also excluded them. But if we had not, then the gentleman who appears clued as winning seven Majors between 1923 and 1930 would instead appear as having won 13 Majors during this timespan, as he also won five US Amateur titles and an Amateur Championship.

The oldest Major is the Open Championship, which was first contested in in 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland. The first US Open was played in 1895. The US PGA Championship made its debut in 1916 and the US Masters was first held in 1934.

Up to the end of 2021 458 Majors have been played, and they have been won by a total of 227 different men. Eighty-four men have won at least two Majors – but only nineteen men have won as many as five.

So... can you name them? You have four minutes to name them all. All you need to do is to type in their surnames.

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