We take a look at who currently coaches the English professional.

Who Is Matt Wallace’s Coach?

Englishman Matt Wallace has won several times on the European Tour and given he is a regular competitor in some of the biggest tournaments in the world, we wanted to take a look at who currently coaches him.

Find out below.

Who Is Matt Wallace’s Coach?

Matt Wallace is currently coached by Liam James, who we believe works as part of Robert Rock’s coaching team out on Tour.

James and Wallace have been working together for several years now and appear to have a lot of trust in one another as the video below shows!

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As we mentioned above, James works as part of the Robert Rock Golf Academy which sees roughly 20 players out on Tour like Lee Westwood, Wade Ormsby, Matthias Schwab, Pablo Larrazabal and several others.

Rock, who helps out with Wallace on occasion, says of his coaching method;

“I don’t use Trackman, I have my own method,” he said. “Trackman is probably one of the reasons that sends players down the wrong route and stops them from playing their best golf. It’s a new piece of technology and you’re left to interpret it how you choose because it doesn’t come with a set of instructions.

“I’ve learnt to trust my own judgement of what I see and I think I’ve been around enough good players to see good golf shots, you can see them, hear them, tell people when they’re in the right frame of mind and when their swings are in order you can see it clearly. But, the game has changed and hitting it a long way is a massive part of it now.”

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We are yet to confirm if this is still the case but Wallace has worked with strength and conditioning coach Dr Steve McGregor in the past too.

McGregor is well known for his work with Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood, along with his work across a number of other sports like football, tennis and the NBA.

Speaking in 2019 Wallace said; “In the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to get Steve McGregor on board. He’s already helped me elevate where I’ve got to and where I want to go to, and we’ve got a system and we’ve got a plan now. I’ve always planned I want to be a top-10 player in the world.”

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