Best Mario Golf: Super Rush Deals

A look at some of the deals on the popular Super Mario golf game.

mario golf super rush deals
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Want to combine the world's of gaming and golf? Do you want to try and get your kids into the game but don't want to bore them at the driving range? 

Well one way to address both of these questions is through games like Mario Golf: Super Rush. 

Designed for the Nintendo Switch, the game adds some color and playfulness to the golf course with different game modes like Speed Golf, a fast-paced mode that requires you to literally run across the course to hit your next shot. 

Another is Battle Golf, which drops you and up to three competitors on a course for a race to see who can capture three flags first. Super Rush also has a solo adventure that introduces the mechanics of the game and six courses.

You can play the game with as many as 20 different characters from your favorite plumber, to the fire-breathing Bowser. 

As fun and wild as the game can be, we found it actually teaches you about the game too, especially if a younger person is playing. You can learn how to swing the club with the motion controls, course management, see how slope affects the flight of the ball, and read greens through the shot gauge and terrain features. 

To learn more about the game, have a watch of the trailer below, and further down the page are some of the best deals on the game as well.

Best Mario Golf: Super Rush Deals

Best Deals

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