4 Tips To Stop Slicing The Driver

These four tips will help you to get rid of that card-wrecking slice

4 tips to stop slicing the driver
(Image credit: Tom Miles)

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Watch Nick Drane, PGA Professional at the Titleist Performance Centre, explain how to eradicate that card-wrecking slice

Want to stop slicing the driver? In this video, Nick Drane, PGA Professional at the Titleist Performance Centre, Woburn, explains how to get rid of this card-wrecking shot.

The most common cause of the slice among amateur golfers is poor set-up.

The set-up fundamentals are key, because they dictate how you swing the club.

If you can get these correct, you should find it a lot easier to get the ball flying on its optimum flight and direction.

In other words, no more distance-sapping slices.

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1. Ball Position Inside Left Heel

4 Tips To Stop Slicing The Driver

Ideally, you want to be hitting the driver on an ascending arc.

This requires the sternum to be further behind the ball.

Note how I have the ball just inside my left heel, while my right shoulder drops slightly lower than my left.

This creates an angle that helps me to hit the ball on the up.

Be careful not to position the ball too far forward, as this will encourage you to swing more across it.

2. Set Up Behind The Ball

4 Tips To Stop Slicing The Driver

Your arms, hands and shoulders should be relaxed at address.

You don't want to be 'on top' of the ball.

This causes the shoulders to point to the left, and encourages an over the top clubhead path - so you'll cut across the ball (as shown directly above).

This means the ball will start left, before curving viciously to the right.

3. Check Your Grip

Neutral grip

With a weak grip, the 'V' shapes made with your thumbs and your hands point to the left of your head.

What this does is make it difficult to square the face through impact.

Generally, I like to see the Vs of thumb and forefinger pointing towards the right shoulder (as above).

So, at address, check that you can see two, or even two-and-a-half knuckles on your top hand to ensure the grip is neutral.

Watch the video above and see how I put this all together to make a solid swing, one that flies straight and long.

Note how my weight moves onto my right side during the backswing and onto my left side in the follow-through.

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4. Get Custom Fitted


As well as following these fundamentals, I recommend everyone, no matter what level they play at, gets custom fitted.

With Titleist, you can also use the SureFit hosel to adjust loft and lie.

It might be that closing the face a fraction, for example, will straighten out your start line and help you to stop slicing the driver.