WATCH: Patrick Reed Interview Atop Empire State Building

Reed on what it means to him to win The Masters: “It means so much to me. Just growing up as a kid, I think every golfer growing up was always, you know, on the putting green as a child thinking about, well this putt is to win the green jacket.

“This putt is to win the Masters or I have to get this up and down to you to win. And you know, to dream about and to think about growing up and then to actually be able to accomplish it yesterday, it’s just such a surreal moment.

It really hasn’t really set in fully yet.

“You know, yeah, I can’t wait for it to actually set in, because to be able just go back and reflect on the week, and just just kind of think about all the company that I’m able to join the Brotherhood of Masters champions, to be a part of.

“And now to be able to go up in the champions locker again, yeah and just get ready for my day and start the week there, it means a lot.

“And you know, it’s something that I’m very excited to be a part of and really just can’t wait to get back out and you know, to be able to play golf tournaments and to be known as not only a major champion but also as a you know a Master Champion.”

On his hunger to win more majors: “Very, you know, it’s one of those things that once you win one, guys always say sometimes, you know, now all of a sudden, you kind of slack off and that kind of stuff.

“But honestly, the feeling I had yesterday when I made that putt on the last, even though was only three feet, the adrenaline rush that I had going through my body, that feeling is unbelievable.

“I can’t wait to get back out grinding and get back out but you know, in the trenches against these guys and you know, try to win some more.”