A guide to the first hole at Oakmont Country Club ahead of the 2016 US Open

US Open 2016 Oakmont Country Club: Hole 1

Hole 1 – Par 4 – 482 yards

A lot of courses tend to start with a nice, simple opener to get golfers on their way but Oakmont Country Club’s first hole is far from that.

At 482 yards it’s a long one, where even after a good drive most players will be hitting mid-to-long irons into the green.

Hitting a good drive here is a premium as there are bunkers littered either side of the fairway meaning if you slightly pull it left or push it right, you’ll probably be in the sand.

It doesn’t get any easier from there. The approach plays blind for all-but the longest of hitters.

Oakmont Country Club

The green sits at the bottom of a pronounced hill, sloping away from you and only the most precise shots will hold the putting surface.

One thing you notice with this green is that there are no bunkers surrounding it – quite rare for Oakmont.

However, plenty will see their golf ball run off the green where from there it’s an uphill chip and no simple up-and-down.

Expect to see plenty in the sand off the tee where very few will find the green. A par here will likely gain half a shot on the field.

A wonderful opening test.

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