Patrons get spoiled at Augusta, and not just with world-class golf. This will get your tastebuds watering...

The New Masters Sandwich Set To Take Augusta By Storm

There are plenty of mouthwatering stories bubbling under the surface ahead of the Masters this week, and not all of them are golf related.

Forget Rory McIlroy’s quest for the Grand Slam and Jordan Spieth’s return to form, Augusta National has slapped a new sandwich on the menu – oh yes it has.

The club’s new chicken salad sandwich, on brioche, is big news, believe it or not – and its place alongside the much-lauded Classic Chicken, Masters Club and Pimento Cheese – to name but three favourites – suggests Augusta is set to welcome a good number of patrons through the gates.

The club does not release attendance figures and this year, because of the Covid pandemic, there won’t be the usual number of spectators attending.

However, a new Masters sandwich more than hints that a healthy number of fans will be admitted – and the latest food offering is sure to go down well with anyone lucky enough to watch this year’s contest.

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Augusta National knows it’s onto a winner with the chicken salad sandwich – the club even used its Instagram account to announce its arrival.

“New to the most famous fare in golf, Chicken Salad,” the caption read.

It does look good, but then everything at Augusta does – the pines, the fairways, the greens, the patrons’ armchairs… everything.

Much like many of you probably don’t care too much for what’s on the Masters Champions Dinner, this new Masters sandwich might not be a big deal, either.

However, when Augusta National fiddles with Masters concessions, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

And by all accounts, it’s quite palatable.

So, why not get into the spirit of things and make your own at home – chicken, mayonnaise, celery, onion, a bit of pepper… anything else?

Here’s hoping for an equally tasty week of golf.