Rahm arrived at Augusta National on Wednesday after becoming a father last week

New Dad Jon Rahm: “Gained A Whole New Respect For Women”

Jon Rahm arrived at Augusta National on Wednesday just a few days after his wife Kelley gave birth to the couple’s first child, Kepa.

The Spaniard tees it up in his fifth Masters this week ready to compete and feeling refreshed without thinking about golf for the past four or five days.

He also says he now has a whole new respect for women after seeing what his wife went through during childbirth.

“It’s been really good. It’s certainly a very unique experience,” Rahm said of becoming a dad.

“Like I told Kelley, I definitely gained a whole new respect for women everywhere because what their body goes through, it’s something I like never want to experience because the amount of pain I saw is, it’s a lot.

“Then again, added to the satisfaction of giving birth and all that, so she really enjoyed it.

“She had a really good birth, which made it a lot better for me.”

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The former World No.1 says he is feeling refreshed heading into the week despite having little sleep and no practice.

“My concern is that I’m coming to a Masters, and from Thursday to Monday didn’t sleep much, didn’t hit a single golf shot,” he said.

“You know, maybe haven’t prepared as much as I have in the past, but definitely mentally in a different state, right.

“A lot of times practising for a major you spend so much time thinking about golf, and for four or five days, it wasn’t even on my mind, which is kind of refreshing.

“Coming here later than usual, but I’m here ready to compete. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

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