We take a look at how Japanese TV reacted to Matsuyama's Masters Win as the country celebrated its first Masters champion and first male winner of a golf Major.


How Japanese TV Reacted To Matsuyama’s Masters Win

Hideki Matsuyama won The Masters to become the first person from Japan to win at Augusta National. He is also the first man from Japan to win a golf Major.

It is a huge victory for the man and the nation as the country also celebrated Japanese golfer Tsubasa Kajitani winning the Augusta National Women’s Amateur the week before.

It was early in the morning in Japan and it was only just ticking over to 8am on Monday morning when Matsuyama sunk the winning putt in Augusta, Georgia.

While the UK coverage was done by Sky Sports and US coverage done by host broadcasters CBS and ESPN, Japanese TV was extensively covering events at Augusta National.

Japan is a golf-loving nation at the host broadcaster in Tokyo has been covering the Masters since 1970.

As Matsuyama confidently and calmly plotted his way around Augusta National in the final round on Sunday, there were some fantastic clips coming from the Japanese broadcasters as they nervously watched their man.

CBS played a clip of the commentary as Matsuyama air-mailed the 15th green and put his ball in the water.

There was also a fantastic clip as he holed the winning putt to secure Japan its first Masters champion and first male winner of a Major championship.

We all might need to polish up on our Japanese in the coming days and weeks as hopefully we’ll be hearing plenty from Matsuyama and his interpreter as they react to the historic victory.

While Matsuyama seems like a quieter character than others on Tour, this great video from a few years ago shows him helping some of his fellow Tour pros with their Japanese language skills.

With the 2020 Summer Olympic games due to take place in Tokyo later this year, Matsuyama’s victory will no doubt draw even bigger crowds to the men’s golf event this summer.