During the US Masters ceremony, how do they get the right Green Jacket size?

US Masters Ceremony: How Do They Get The Right Green Jacket Size?

From Gary Player at just 5ft 6″ to 1969 winner George Archer at 6ft 5″, the Masters Champions come in all shapes and sizes, so during the US Masters ceremony, how do they get the right Green Jacket size?

Every year a Green Jacket is presented to the US Masters winner in the immediate aftermath of their victory. It happens during a presentation ceremony in Butler Cabin, where the previous year’s winner helps the new champion into their jacket, as we saw with Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson in 2020.

The History Of The Masters Green Jacket

Sergio Garcia got his hands on a Green Jacket in 2017 (Getty Images)

But before the winner slips into their highly coveted prize, it must first be located.

That search begins early on the Sunday, with Augusta National members with roughly the same height and build as the leading players sought out. With the best matches found, it’s then just a case of waiting to see who wins.

The correct Green Jacket size is then borrowed from the member for the ceremony and proceeding photos and interviews, with the Champion then measured up for their own tailored version in the coming weeks.

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Have you ever wondered why Augusta National members wear these Green Jackets in the first place? It was an idea that took off in the 1930s when the tournament had just started to make the members stand out to the public who might need guidance or assistance. It is said that the idea was borrowed from Royal Liverpool when a visiting Bobby Jones saw a collection of club captains wearing matching jackets at a golf dinner.

From 1937 through to 1948 only Augusta National members wore the jackets, but in 1949 Sam Snead became the first winner to be honoured with the now famous Green Jacket. The Masters champion can keep their jacket for a year, and then it must be returned to Augusta National where it remains. It can then only be worn when they are on site at the golf club in Georgia.