We take a look at some of the most poignant, memorable and amusing quotes about Augusta National and The Masters

The Best Masters Quotes

It is easy to get lost in hyperbole when talking about Augusta National and The Masters.

The course in terms of its beauty, and tournament in terms of its excitement, never fail to deliver, but don’t just take my word for it.

The greatest players to ever grace the game have plied their trade on the Georgian real estate and even to those competing every year, The Masters remains arguably the finest week of golf throughout the year. Below we take a look at 13 quotes from some of the game’s greats.

Byron Nelson, two-time Masters Champion

“The prestige one gets from winning The Masters is very great indeed. As for the beauty, the course stands far superior to anything I have ever played.”

Gary Player, three-time Masters Champion

“I always said that if they have a golf course like this in heaven, I want to be the head pro.”

Jack Nicklaus, six-time Masters Champion

“The Masters isn’t just another golf tournament. It is something really special. I get as much excitement driving down Magnolia Lane now as I did 40 years ago.”

Fuzzy Zoeller, 1979 Masters Champion

“I’ve never been to heaven and thinking back on my life, I probably won’t get the chance to go. I guess winning The Masters is as close as I’m going to get.”

Bobby Jones, Augusta National co-founder

“I shall never forget my first visit to the property which is now Augusta National. The long lane of magnolias through which we approached was beautiful. The old manor house was charming. The rare trees and shrubs of the old nursery were enchanting. But when I walked out on the grass terrace under the big trees behind the house and looked down over the property, the experience was unforgettable. It seemed the land had been lying there for years just waiting for someone to lay a golf course upon it.”

Arnold Palmer, four-time Masters Champion

“Like the golf course itself, change at Augusta National takes the shape of a steady and quiet evolution, but the overall effect is one of gracious permanence that always makes coming here feel a little like coming home.”

Nick Faldo, three-time Masters Champion

“This is The Masters. It’s got the beauty, it’s got the colour, it’s got the sound and it’s got the breezes. Everything together makes this place special. The course is perfection and it asks perfection.”

Phil Mickelson, three-time Masters Champion

“The winner of this tournament doesn’t just win a Major, he becomes part of the history of the game, and that’s what excites me. This tournament creates something that is very special, and year in, year out, history is made here.”

Sam Snead, three-time Masters Champion

“I hope I’ll never get too old to want to take part in this event, and I don’t think I will ever age that much.”

Sergio Garcia, 2017 Masters Champion

“I’m thrilled to be standing here this late on a Sunday evening. It’s been an amazing week and I’m going to enjoy it for the rest of my life.”

Ben Hogan, two-time Masters Champion

“If The Masters offered no money at all, I would be here trying just as hard.”

Horton Smith, two-time Masters Champion

“Augusta National has character, individuality and personality. It is one of the few courses that really presents two games on almost every hole; a game to reach the greens and another to figure out the ever-changing contours after reaching the greens.”

Chi-Chi Rodriguez, 14-time Masters competitor

“The first time I played The Masters, I was so nervous I drank a bottle of rum before I teed off. I shot the happiest 83 of my life.”