Hanging out in the shade of the oak tree behind the clubhouse in the roped off VIP area is THE place to bump into golf’s IN crowd. It’s also a prime spot for watching the players tee off the 1st.

Bubba almost got knocked out by someone flinging open the door of the grill room bar opposite the locker room just as the American was heading out to the tee. Rory ambled through the crowd high-fiving kids. Westwood, like his horse, Hoof It, had his blinkers on (okay sunglasses) as he walked through the throng to the practice putting green. His caddie Billy Foster winked at Westwood’s manager Chubby Chandler.

Craning for a view of Westwood and McIlroy was the BBC’s Breakfast Show host Chris Evans resplendent in a pork pie boater. He’s working with Iain Carter and the Five Live Team and loving his second visit to the Masters.

“I’ve put my name down for the lottery,” he said. The lottery is not the one on the telly with the magic balls but the one that allows the media to put their name in a hat for a chance to play Augusta National on Monday morning.

“That would be such a cool thing to do,” Evans said revealing his 13 handicap. Meanwhile a disappointed world number one was tucked in a corner dissecting his three-over-par 75 that left him at seven-over-par for the tournament. “I feel flat now,” he said. “There is nothing worse than waking up on Sunday knowing that no matter what you do is not going to be good enough.”

Keeping all the great unwashed people at bay was a Richmond County Sheriff perched on a stool. He had a big hat and a pistol but no horse. They’re banned at Augusta – along with mobile phones and running.

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