Rahm has taken exception to Pieters comments about his clothing when attending Wimbledon.

Jon Rahm And Thomas Pieters Fall Out Over Wimbledon Jab

It seems Thomas Pieters has made an enemy out of Jon Rahm thanks to his Twitter comments. When the Spaniard attended Wimbledon recently he was spotted wearing a black shirt with white stars on it, coupled with a light blue tie. It caused such a stir in fact that Pieters took the opportunity to Tweet a joke about it tagging in renowned social media personality Eddie Pepperell and several clothing manufacturers.

However Rahm has taken this clear joke personally. Speaking at an Open Championship press conference at Royal Portrush Rahm received some questions on the so-called jab. Have a read of the transcript below….

Q. Have you managed to catch up with Thomas Pieters, since he was poking fun at your outfit at Wimbledon?

RAHM: No, I haven’t seen him this week. I saw the Tweet. I haven’t seen him, no. And I’m not necessarily going to look for him after
something like that.

Q. It’s quite a unique ensemble. Do you usually dress like that?

RAHM: I mean, I like to stay up with modern fashions. I can always say that wasn’t my first choice of shirt to wear. The tie was; the shirt wasn’t. Still, you’ve got to wear it with confidence, that’s all I can say.

Q. Was it the only one that was there, the only one that was ironed and ready to go?

RAHM: Yeah, for reasons — for just it didn’t come, the shirt I wanted to wear didn’t come from the dry cleaners in time. But still, it’s one of the shirts I have that I’ve worn before. It’s not meant to be worn with a suit. I’d rather not go to a Royal box with a starred shirt. But it’s what I had. I got compliments in the Royal box. As far as I’m concerned it was a good day.

It remains to be seen whether the two European golfers will make up after the Wimbledon jab.

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