5 Eye-Catching Open Outfits And Why Hoodies Are Cool At The Home Of Golf

There were some interesting fashion choices made on day one of The Open and we call them out here!

justin thomas, 5 Eye-Catching Open Outfits And Why Hoodies Are Cool At The Home Of Golf
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A lot of focus during round one of the Open Championship was on the golf and the course obviously, but there were some players who decided to turn up in what can best be described as eye-catching outfits.

Justin Thomas

justin thomas

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Justin Thomas was the most prominent offender I think as he walked the fairways in some leg hugging jogger style trousers. I am usually a big fan of Greyson gear, but a change of pants tomorrow will be needed. That being said I really liked his hoodie (more on that later). 

Si Woo Kim

Si Woo Kim pictured

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Next up is Si Woo Kim who wore a jumper that we usually see someone like Tony Finay wear (because he always seems to get put in the worst outfits Nike has to offer). I am going to need someone to explain to me the design ethos and lettering style here, because is it supposed to say something, or just be a random assortment of letters? Very weird. 

John Daly

John Daly hits a golf shot

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Another player who decided to wear some eye-catching trousers was of course John Daly, but this is to be expected. I am at the point now where I just think 'you do you John'. I am still allowed to say his trousers are not great though. 

Ian Poulter

Ian Poulter pictured

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Ian Poulter is another. I was on a train up to St. Andrews today so missed it but apparently he got booed on the first tee (opens in new tab). Speculation is that it may have been about LIV Golf and such, but I would argue it is about the trousers featuring the logo of his new sponsor. Boo indeed. 

David Carey

dvid carey

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The final player I want to mention is David Carey. Now fair play to the guy for qualifying for the tournament, and the outfit as a whole was fine. But the hat needs to go. Is it eye-catching? Yes, but unless your name is Ben Hogan, nobody can make a flat cap cool. 

Now, onto hoodies

Scouting around on social media is part of my job description and there has been a lot of comments about hoodies. Several players like Lee Westwood, JT, Sahith Theegala wore hoodies (opens in new tab) at the Old Course and I am tired of having to say this, but they are fine!

The game of golf is changing and the only person that hoodies should annoy is the wearer if the hood actually flaps around during the swing. But seeing as this rarely occurs, there is nothing wrong with wearing them and I would go so far as to say they are very cool indeed. None of the designs we have seen today are over the top, but instead they are restrained and actually look good anywhere. Please, you guys who complain about it, let it go.

Old Tom Morris is not turning over in his grave because some players decided to wear a jumper with a bit of extra cloth.

sahith theegala

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