Golf Monthly's Sam Tremlett puts the new SR putter from TaylorMade to the test.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

TaylorMade Spider SR Putter


  • Stunning looks, excellent stability and forgiving across the face.


  • Players who rotate the putter may find more suitable options.


TaylorMade Spider SR Putter


Price as reviewed:


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TaylorMade Spider SR Putter

The third member of the TaylorMade Spider family to make it into our best putters guide, the Spider SR is designed to be one of the most stable putters in golf. 

We thought this was immediately apparent thanks to the Tour-inspired winged shape and heavy feel of the putter.

Down behind the golf ball, and whilst producing the stroke, it felt resistant to twisting which helped start the ball on the desired line more often than not.

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Additionally we thought it was a very forgiving model across the face which must, in part, be down to the larger profile of the mallet design, and also the two back weights which raise the MOI of the putter. In terms of stroke, this is more of a face balanced model so will suit golfers with a slight arc or straight stroke.

From a feel perspective, it felt very soft off of the face which is down to the TPU Pure Roll face insert present on many of TaylorMade’s putters. Our tester was used to using firmer feeling blade models so it took a little bit of time and practice to get used to, but you could probably say that about any new putter going into the bag.

This soft feel was particularly useful for pace control because the face, combined with the soft grip, gave great feedback on just how hard or soft to hit a putt. 

The biggest difference between the SR and the rest of the Spider range is clearly the looks. The wing design looks excellent and it combines well with the arrow alignment tool finished in white with a black sightline.


The grey finish of the rest of the head really adds a premium aesthetic, as does the soft SuperStroke grip and beautifully made black Spider headcover. All of this really makes the SR stand out which we liked very much. On test was the single bend shaft option but there is also a flow neck model if you prefer.

From a price perspective, in an era where some premium designs can cost over £300, we think £269 is reasonable because of the performance on offer and total package.

For that price you get a stunning looking design that gives excellent feedback, alignment and forgiveness on the green.


A modern design with easy alignment, soft feel and premium flourishes from head to grip.