Evnroll EV5 2023 Putter Review

Joel Tadman takes the super adjustable Evnroll 2023 EV5 putter to the course to see what golfers can expect

Evnroll EV5 2023 Putter Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Putters are a very personal club and with the EV5, Evnroll has afforded golfers the opportunity to choose the visual cues and hosel design that works for them. Along with the excellent stability and feel, it’s one of the most comprehensive options around.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Interchangeable chassis provide visual options

  • +

    Six hosel choices

  • +

    Soft feel

  • +

    User-friendly face design

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Ball comes off on the slow side

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Evnroll EV5 2023 Putter Review

You may not see an Evnroll putter in the hands of the world’s best players (yet) but that’s not to say the brand isn’t making its mark on the category. This year has seen an expansion of the V-Series, within which the flagship model is the EV5 due to its ‘3x3 versatility’. This refers to the fact that it is available in various color combinations via three rear interchangeable chassis designs. There is even (evn?) a choice of six hosel options too, so every visual preference and stroke type is truly catered for. The impressive customization on offer sees this putter into our 2023 Editor's Choice awards.

VIDEO: Discover why the Evnroll EV5 putter was chosen for Editor's Choice 2023

Once you determine the right hosel and grip option it's then a question of attaching it to the correct precision CNC Milled 303 stainless steel face and front section - you have a choice of satin with a black sightline or black with a white sightline. You then choose the chassis that suits your eye the best. 

Evnroll EV5 2023 Putters

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The all black EV5.1 (£469) is the cleanest and most premium looking of the three options. Then there's the EV5.2 (£419) which offers a standard single top sightline and two cavity sightlines that draft off the rear center line on an all-satin head. It also features a linear rear wing for macro aimers. Finally, golfers can opt for the duo design on the EV5.3 (£419), which benefits from macro and micro parallel and perpendicular aiming through the use of dual color front and rear sections.

For us, it was the EV5.2 model that performed the best, possibly due to that extra alignment help from the added sightlines, and is the one that we think will have the most universal appeal as one of the best golf putters. It's also the only shape available with the Midlock putting grip which makes implementing the Armlock putting method feel easier.

Evnroll EV5 2023 Putters at address

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Regardless of how you build your EV5 putter, it will feature the unique groove technology engineered to deliver uniform performance across the entire hitting area. It uses a series of closely-spaced, variable-width channels that are wider in the centre and get gradually narrower toward the heel and toe. This creates a precisely calibrated inward V-shape that progressively redirects the ball down the target line. It sounds like very clever stuff and I think it works in helping putts from inside 10 feet travel closer to the correct line, albeit in a subtle way.

Evnroll EV5 2023 Putter face

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Control over direction is certainly helped by the excellent midsize Tour Tac grip that comes as standard. It feels soft but not too spongy and has markers so you can position your thumbs in the same place every time for consistency.

The addition of six weight ports provide precision weighting for targeted swing weighting as well as dynamic toe flow options and forgiveness benefits. The EV5 is undoubtedly one of the most forgiving putters around. Despite being a compact mallet, the head feels more stable than previous Evnroll putters of a similar size and helped by the special grooves on the face, I was able to knock putts often to within gimmie range from long distance and scare the hole frequently from 20 feet and in.

Evnroll EV5 2023 Putter testing

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Evnroll putters have always impressed me and the ER2V model remains in my bag but the new V-Series, and the EV5.2 in particular, really takes performance and innovation a step or two further by opening up a whole new level of customisation for golfers to benefit from the marginal gains that can transform a good round into a great one. 

Joel Tadman
Technical Editor

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