Golf Monthly's Srixon Z765 irons review, the middle model of the three new forged Z-Series irons geared towards the low and mid handicap golfer

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Srixon Z765 irons


  • Strikes a good balance between providing above-average distance, feel and forgiveness. Both mid-handicappers and single-figure golfers should strongly consider these.


  • Target golfers may opt for the more forgiving Z565 or softer-feeling Z965 models.


Srixon Z765 irons


Price as reviewed:

£110.00 (per club)

Clubhouse Golf

Key technology
The Z765 is one of three new irons aimed at low- to mid-handicappers. All three feature a modified Tour V.T. Sole design to reduce turf resistance and tighten shot dispersion. Five per cent larger grooves and the double-laser-milled faces improve the contact and spin consistency from wet or bad lies. A new heat- treatment process on the face enhances both feel and distance

Will Suit
Low- to mid-handicappers who want a bit of everything from a traditional-looking iron design.

GM Review

The Z765 iron is a very clean and understated design with a hint of offset and mid-to-slim top line and blade length. The finish and overall cosmetics create a premium aesthetic.


The Z65 series of irons is seriously impressive and the Z765, the middle model of the trio in terms of size and loft, is arguably the one with the widest appeal as it strikes that perfect balance of combining a traditional look and feel with distance and forgiveness.

While still having a relatively compact profile, these irons pack plenty of punch, assisted by the heat-treated faces. Lofts are on the low side of traditional, but you still get the feel and distance control you expect from an out-and-out better-player iron given the 1020 carbon steel forging.

The V-shape of the sole is much more pronounced and it certainly seemed to assist the club in gliding more efficiently through the turf, creating shallower divots and a little more forgiveness on slightly heavy contacts. The sound at impact is louder than the bladed Z965 – a sign of the difference in construction – but not to the point where it’s off-putting.


The Z765 iron blends the feel, forgiveness and distance craved by serious golfers in a traditional design.