Our verdict on the Callaway Mavrik, Mavrik Max and Mavrik Sub Zero fairway woods having tested them on a launch monitor and out on the course

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Callaway Mavrik Fairway Woods


  • Once your matched with the best model for you, driver-like distances and forgiveness will ensue.


  • No hosel adjustability available to dial in launch conditions.


Callaway Mavrik Fairway Woods


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Callaway Mavrik Fairway Woods Review

The three Mavrik fairways (Standard, Max and Sub Zero) feature A.I.-designed Flash Faces specific to the three models, promoting optimum speed and spin. A high-strength C300 Maraging Steel face combined with Jailbreak maximizes ball speed.

After testing, it was the Sub Zero model turned out to be our favourite of the three. A fairway wood needs to look easy to hit while also appearing to be able to get the ball up in the air easily and it does this really well.


How the Callaway Mavrik (left) and Mavrik Sub Zero look behind the ball

The compact shape remains inviting to the eye while the full-length white grooves highlight face alignment really effectively. You can see the standard Mavrik looks a little larger and has white grooves in the heel and toe to help frame the ball centrally.

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Strike a few shots away with the Sub Zero and you instantly notice the hot, driver-like feel, especially from the sweetspot. While off-centre hits are punished more than on the standard Mavrik fairway, there is a decent level of forgiveness on offer, especially if you have chosen to position the heavier weight at the rear.


Performance wise, the Mavrik SZ delivers. In the stock 15°, for us it struck the ideal balance between high launch and low spin for our ball speed, producing average carries off the deck on the GCQuad launch monitor in excess of 251 yards. The slightly taller face also makes this a deadly weapon off the tee, with struck shots often not falling far short of where a typical drive would finish.


The standard fairway provided similar distance but with a touch more spin, which will help some golfers achieve more carry distance. The Max version looks a little more inviting to hit at address and also has some extra draw bias built in, ideal for golfers that struggle with a slice.

The reason we selected the Sub Zero as the best fairway wood of 2020 in a recent group test is because of its all-round playability. Yes it’s long and surprisingly forgiving for a low spin model, but if you like to shape the ball a certain way it will do that and it offers smooth and brisk interaction with the ground. If you plan on using it more off the tee, you can switch the weights around to lower the spin even more.


With the three models offering different performance characteristics, every golfer is catered for. These fairways are fast, forgiving, look great and are a versatile option to have in the bag.