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Callaway Tour i and Tour iX


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Clubhouse Golf

The outer core on both the Tour i and Tour iX redistributes weight away from the inner core to increase the ball’s moment of inertia for added length off the tee. The inner core is softer, to produce a better feel without sacrificing any distance. The new Thermoset Urethane cover is softer on the Tour i ball than the Tour iX. The cover’s refined HEX Aerodynamics are designed without a seam to give extra length and an extremely stable ball flight.

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The Tour i is probably the softest ball I have used since the days of the balata and I will definitely be testing further. My only concern would be how long each ball lasts. The Tour iX has a slightly firmer feel but still proved great around the greens. It seems Callaway has designed two excellent Tour balls that perform extremely well in different conditions.