Who Would You Rather Follow - Bryson DeChambeau or Jordan Spieth?

Who would you pick to follow?

Who Would You Rather Follow - Bryson DeChambeau or Jordan Spieth
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We ask the forum which American they would rather follow watching.

Who Would You Rather Follow - Bryson DeChambeau or Jordan Spieth?

We asked the Golf Monthly Forum who they would they follow of these two superstar Americans.

For very different reasons Bryson DeChambeau and Jordan Spieth are two of the most fascinating and entertaining players in the game. Once upon a time all we talked about with DeChambeau was his one-length irons while Spieth came close to landing the Grand Slam.

The past two few seasons have seen lots of changes for both but they’re still as interesting as ever.

Bryson DeChambeau - 52%

BDC - easy. Why? Because he didn’t settle being great at golf, he’s doing everything he can to get better. Admirable. - Bdill93

Same as Faldo, Tiger, Kaymer and Donald...remodelling swing/technique when at or near top of their game. Doesn’t always work, but admirable for trying, like you said. - evemccc

I've photographed both from inside the ropes for a few holes each anyway - Jordan was leading the Open when I followed him - Bryson wasn't the 'big guy' back then (2018). I really like Jordan but because of the hype and the crowd reaction you'd get nowadays Bryson would be more fun to experience now. I will admit I wasn't a big Spieth fan when I saw him live but the absence of crowds on the PGA Tour has allowed us to hear the interaction between him and his caddy and I love the way he talks to his ball in the air, I've become a big fan of his on TV - it's a constant battle for him - you don't get that watching him live even from inside the ropes. - davidy233

Would have to be DeChambeau, whilst I don't necessarily agree with the way he plays the game, he's only taking advantage of what’s in front of him and it would be worth it just to see some of those drives in the flesh. And maybe help him look for the occasional ball. - SaintHacker

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Bryson. It’s a change in the way golf is being played. It might not always work but it’s exciting. Spieth plays the game like 90% of the pros out there. He just happens to be a more consistent putter. - Captainron

I don't think there is anything that Spieth does that others don't do better. Even if he has a good day, I think he would need others to be off their game for him to win. On the other hand, if things are clicking for Bryson then no-one gets close to him. He could also have one of those days where he's knocking it OB, so there's some entertainment from the uncertainty! - MrGrumtastic

Bryson, no brainer. I can't physically do what he can. - Traminator

Probably Bryson just to see those bombs off the tee. It would also be interesting to see the swing up close, whereas Spieth is more traditional. - DannyOT

Bryson. Don’t like his game plan because I know I can never achieve anything like it. Simple envy! I like watching people do the things I can’t. It’s entertaining. I followed Spieth in the Gleneagles Ryder Cup and two Opens. I’ve seen enough of him at his prime and wish I’d watched other groups, it got boring watching him sink putts and there wasn’t much else exciting in his game. - Jimaroid

Bryson, simply because the way he hits the ball is pretty unique on tour. Spieth is a great player and exciting when he's on form but Bryson edges it for me. - birdyhunter

DeChambeau hits so many wayward shots like me it would be nice to learn how to cope with some of the lies. Being realistic most of Spieth’s game is just like any other pro out there. - jim8flog

Bryson..... I want to hear that club on ball noise. - 2blue

Jordan Spieth 48%

Speith, my putting hero. - Beezerk

No matter how brave it is for BDC to do what he has done - I just find his golf ugly - and in my old-fashioned thinking the golf swing is supposed to be a thing of beauty and elegance. - SwingsitlikeHogan

Wouldn't mind either but I'd pick Jordan because he is so vocal. Quite like listening to him chuntering along. - SatchFan

Spieth all day long. DeChambeau's game is very one-dimensional, and somewhat tedious. - fenwayrich

Big Spieth fan, so Jordan every time. - murphthemog

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Spieth for me. I like how he plays, the talking to himself and his ball. I couldn't handle the pace of BDC, the constant checking, re-checking, re-checking the re-check. He makes golf hard work to watch live. - Lord Tyrion

Bryson brings nothing but power, plus my putting is jank so I’d benefit from walking with Spieth. - Oddsocks

I always follow Spieth at the Open, especially on practice days. He’s a magician. I followed him on the Wednesday at Carnoustie. His short-game practice was amazing and his inventiveness intriguing. He and JT were hitting 100-150 yard 4-iron chip-and-runs on the 9th hole. Hit fairways and he has a hell of a chance in any event. - JamesR

Spieth. He putts like me. Holes monsters but rubbish from 12 feet. If I could not putt I would be off 10 instead of single figures. - srixon 1

Or neither…

Wouldn’t chose to watch either of them. BDC does smash it a long way but Christ it’s beyond frustrating watching him before he hits. Spieth just a bit boring. Would prefer to watch a Brit; Hatton , Fleetwood etc - Liverpoolphil

This is like being asked if you'd rather be drowned or burnt alive - hovis

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