Lefty spoke to the Golf Channel's Todd Lewis on his moving ball incident at the US Open


Phil Mickelson Opens Up On US Open Moving Ball Incident


Phil Mickelson has spoken out once again over his US Open moving ball incident, this time in a TV interview with the Golf Channel.

Lefty apologised for his actions last week in a text to reporters, saying that he was “embarrassed and disappointed” after he overshadowed the entire US Open by purposely hitting a moving ball on the green.

However, he has spoken again on his actions on the 13th green in the third round at Shinnecock and now that the dust has settled, he appears to have his head straight.

Whilst he initially said he purposely did it to gain an advantage, Mickelson now accepts that his actions were wrong.

Phil was in Chicago promoting the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and spoke to the Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis on the incident.

“It wasn’t the right decision,” Mickelson said.

“It took me a little while for my anger and frustration to subside enough to where I could see clearly that I made not my best move. It wasn’t my best moment. And so I apologised. So Now, moving forward, the best thing I can do is to start promoting the game again in a positive way.”

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Asked whether his actions at Shinnecock will affect his legacy:

“I have pretty thick skin and I’m aware that I’ll probably hear about this for some time. Fortunately, I can take it, and I hope at some point we’ll all be able to laugh at it.”

“It wasn’t the right decision, it wasn’t the smart decision. The Rules of Golf actually address that for next year, so I don’t think anybody will be looking at it as a smart play. But at the time I just really didn’t care about the stroke difference.”

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Mickelson is probably fed up of talking about Shinnecock already and soon golf fans will be fed up of hearing about it.

We won’t ever forget what happened on the 13th green on US Open Saturday, but let’s hope this now draws a line under it.