The new NBC Sports golf anchor was asked who the best player currently is when playing their best... He said Tiger.


Paul Azinger: ‘Tiger Woods Still The Best’

Tiger Woods is still the best’ claims Paul Azinger.

The 1993 USPGA Champion and 2008 winning Ryder Cup captain was announced as the Golf Channel/NBC Sports’ lead golf anchor, replacing Johnny Miller who retired.

Azinger was asked on the Golf Channel who he believes the world’s best player is when playing their best and his response was very interesting and also very resounding.

Watch: Azinger says Tiger Woods is still the best –

He hinted his answer would be world number one Brooks Koepka or the most recent world number Dustin Johnson, before settling on Tiger Woods.

“I just can’t see anybody beating Tiger when Tiger’s at his best. I just can’t see it,” Azinger said.

“He’s not his best yet, but he’s almost his best. And when Tiger’s his best, there’s more that comes with Tiger than just the score he shoots.

“That crowd comes with Tiger, and it’s a whole ‘nother dynamic when Tiger’s at his best. And I’m just going to have to say that when Tiger’s at his best, he’s still the best.”

And on what Tiger can do to win his 15th major and dominate again – stop trying to smash driver miles and start finding more fairways.

“I think he’s going to have to recognise that he’s not the beast out there when it comes to smacking that ball off the tee. But I’d like to see him try to hit a couple more fairways periodically. That’d be nice,” Azinger said.

“If he can drive that ball in the fairway, with that putter, we’ve seen what his putter is capable of. The sky’s the limit, boys.”

This is a great talking point raised from Azinger’s comments – let us know on our social channels who you think is the best golfer when playing their best.

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