The minor setback did little to disrupt the 50-year-old's preparation as he became the oldest Major winner ever.


Mickelson Cracked His 2-Iron Minutes Before PGA Championship Final Round

As Phil Mickelson entered the final round of the PGA Championship with a one shot lead, his 2-iron cracked during his warm-up on Sunday.

After handing the 2-iron back to his brother and caddie Tim Mickelson, Tim noticed the crack immediately.

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With just minutes left until Mickelson teed off for the final round, Tim hurried back to the clubhouse to retrieve a spare 4-wood Mickelson had brought along with him.

Despite not having practised with the club since Tuesday, the 50-year-old decided to put the club into the bag and used iton the third and fourth holes.

Mickelson Cracked 2-iron

The oldest Major champion ever suggested that the club worked effectively, even though he only achieved a bogey and par on those holes.

“As I was teeing off today my 2-iron face cracked,” Mickelson said during his post-tournament interview.

He then joked about how his power caused the club to crack.

“I mean, you can’t swing it as hard as I hit it and not expect them to crack – I’m kidding.”

However, there is an element of truth in Mickelson’s comments about his power.

He hit the longest shot on the 16th hole all week, driving the ball an incredible 366 yards.

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Mickelson described how Tim first noticed the cracked club after he handed it back to him.

“Tim noticed when I put it back that it had cracked across the face,” he said.

“Fortunately I had a 4-wood that’s a very comparable club to that 1-iron distance-wise and I was able to use that club effectively.

“I used it off 3 tee, 4 tee, and there was a few times that I hit it and I hit that club very well.

“It’s just one of those things that happens and you just have to be prepared for it, which is why I bring backup clubs out here.”

All players will use a full 14-club set, though the six-time Major winner is known for travelling with up to 25 clubs in case of changing weather conditions or emergencies.