40 players we unable to play on Monday ahead of the Women's British Open after Lexi Thompson delayed a bus carrying their clubs


Lexi Thompson Apologises After Forgotten Passport Delays Bags

Lexi Thompson says she “can’t apologise enough” after delaying 40 players from practising on Monday at the Ricoh Women’s British Open.

The American was leaving France and the Evian Championship to tee it up this week at Woburn when she realised she didn’t have her passport.

Her passport was in her golf bag, which was in a minibus carrying 40 players’ bags up through France and to England.

Her caddie Benji was “somewhere close” to the minibus so she got the driver to turn around and meet him.

The van was packed full of golf bags so finding Lexi’s bag was difficult and the driver ultimately missed his ferry over to England and the bags arrived late Monday afternoon.

That meant some 40 players were unable to practice because the course was closed in the evening for greenkeepers to conduct their pre-tournament preparation.

“I didn’t realise that I was going to cause so much delay with the bags for all the players and I’m very sorry about that,” Lexi said in her press conference.

“But in my situation I was freaking out and then he happened to be somewhere close to where my caddie Benjy was so my first reaction was to hopefully stop him and get my passport so I could leave and get to the Women’s British Open

“I do apologise, I would be upset if I was the other players but I ended up getting it.

“I can’t apologise enough.”

Ryan O’Toole was unhappy with the clubs turning up late and said that the driver should have continued on.

“I don’t know why the driver would agree to accommodate one person knowing it would punish about a third of the field,” she said.

“The driver should have said, ‘Hey, I’ve got to get these clubs to Woburn. If you want the passport, somebody’s going to have to fly there to get it and bring it back.’”

Lexi missed the cut last week at the Evian Championship and then took to Instagram to complain about a couple of bad bounces and bad lies she got and posted a picture of a fairway that looked in very poor condition.

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