The 2017 PGA Champion says he put the company in a terrible position


Justin Thomas Responds To Losing Ralph Lauren Sponsorship

Justin Thomas says he was upset after having his sponsorship cut with Ralph Lauren and respects the company’s decision after putting it in a “terrible position.”

The World No.3 had his sponsorship discontinued after using a homophobic slur at the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii earlier this month.

Thomas spoke extensively about the split ahead of the Abu Dhabi Championship after his good friend Rory McIlroy supported him.

“It’s humiliating, it’s embarrassing, and it’s not me,” Thomas told media.

“It’s not a word that I use, but for some reason, it was in there.

“And that’s what I’m trying to figure out as to why it was in there, and it’s going to be a part of this process and training program or whatever I need to do, not only to prove to myself but prove to my sponsors and prove to those people that don’t know who I am that that is indeed not the person I am.

“I think disappointed is the wrong word, obviously I was upset.

“But at the end of the day, they have that right. They had to make the decision that they had to make.

“I spoke with them along with all of my sponsors. Although I apologised, it’s like it was then; it’s an opportunity for me to grow and I felt like it was something we could have done together and gone through that process.

“They just felt like they needed to move on. That’s exactly what I’m doing, as well. It was a great run that we had and a great partnership, but you know, things will work out for the best.

“Just like my other partners and other sponsorships, it was an opportunity for them to help me, just like I hope to help them. But like I said, they had to do what they had to do.

“They are a huge, huge global brand, and I have to respect their decision.

“I wasn’t disappointed, because I put them in a terrible position. I just was more upset.

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“I had a great relationship with a lot of people there, and like I said, we would have had the opportunity to do it together, and I totally respect their decision and I’ve moved on from it.”

“I’ve had great communication with all of them. It was obviously not calls or emails I was hoping or planning to make, but I needed to because I have some great long-lasting partnerships with all my sponsors. They know that’s not the person that I am.

“They know that’s not how I act and although they are far from brushing it to the side just like I am, they understand that this is an opportunity for me to educate myself, grow, become a better person.

“I know that I’ll become a better man and a better person because of it, and they are going to kind of help me along that process.”

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