The five-time PGA Tour winner averaged over 345 yards off the tee during the opening round of the Charles Schwab Challenge


Is Bryson DeChambeau Now The Longest Hitter In Pro Golf?

Bryson DeChambeau caught headlines during round one of the Charles Schwab Challenge for his new bulked-up frame.

The Golfing Scientist says he has gained 20lbs over the Coronavirus break and it has resulted in huge hitting distances.

DeChambeau posted one clip on social media during the break of him hitting drives of over 200mph ball speed.

“I’ve upped about 20 pounds,” he said after his opening round 65 at the Charles Schwab Challenge.

“It doesn’t mean I’m going to hit it farther, but I’ve done a lot of speed training to attain these new ball speeds.

“When I was out here I was attaining ball speeds of 193, 195 on certain holes, and quite honestly I can’t use it out here.

“There’s only a couple holes I can use it, No. 11 and No. 1 and No. 2 really.”

Justin Rose, who is considered a fairly long hitter, said he was around 40 yards behind DeChambeau.

“I saw a massive difference,” he said.

“One, in his physique for sure. I mean, he’s huge. I played with Dustin Johnson — I’m not small, but at 6’3” and 190 I kind of felt pretty small out on the golf course today.

“I hit a good drive down 1. I think No. 1 today is probably the best measure. I hit a good tee shot.

“I’m probably like low 170s ball speed, 71, 72, 73 possibly, but when I hit it well, I’ve got good spin and good launch and I carry it 300, and I probably got it out there 320 down No. 1 today, and I was 40 behind Bryson.

“It’s a pretty significant difference for sure. Like DJ was kind of in between me and Bryson really.”

He currently leads the tour’s driving distance category with an average of 321 yards, but he averaged over 345 yards on Thursday at Colonial.

The five-time PGA Tour winner also hit 64% of fairways, resulting in 89% of greens in regulation.

To put that in perspective, Rory McIlroy’s average was 305, Brooks Koepka’s was 320, Dustin Johnson’s was 303, Cameron Champ averaged 325 and Matt Wolff averaged 336 yards.

Compare that to modest-hitter Matt Fitzpatrick, who averaged 285 yards off the tee, and DeChambeau was consistently playing from 60 yards further up the fairway.

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The Golfing Scientist might well now be the longest hitter in professional golf.

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