The big American is considering a drastic equipment change in the hope of more distance.


Bryson DeChambeau Considering To Use 48-Inch Driver

American Bryson DeChambeau has caused quite the stir in the golfing world in 2020 with his massive body change and quest for more distance.

He put on roughly 40 pounds and has been looking to create ball speeds north of 200 miles per hour.

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He isn’t stopping there though as he recently hinted at a drastic equipment change as he looks to gain as much distance as possible.

Speaking with the media ahead of the 2020 US Open at Winged Foot, he hinted at possibly putting a 48-inch driver into play in the not too distance future.

“We’re working on testing a 48-inch driver after this week. It’s just going to happen, too. So we’ll see how far I can go. I’m working with LAGP to build a shaft that’s stable but I can get that ball speed up to 210. That would be fun.”

Asked whether he would actually consider putting a 48-inch driver into play on Tour Bryson said;

“A hundred percent, yeah, why not. If it’s as consistent as what I’m doing now, there’s no reason why. If I was 205-mile-an-hour ball speed, I’d be using it everywhere out here. It would be even more of an asset to me. That’s the way I look at it.

“There’s this point of no return where if you’re around like 180 and you try and get faster but it gets that much more drastically off line, it really doesn’t help you that much.

“You don’t gain that much. But once you start getting 195 to 200 to 205, even though you’re missing it that far off line, you’re so far up close to these greens, it’s too big of an advantage to take away.”

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As Bryson mentioned above he will be using his regular driver for Winged Foot, a 45.5-inch Cobra Speedzone model. His strategy for the week will be to try and bully the New York golf course in the same manner as Brooks Koepka at Bethpage Black in 2019.

“I’m hitting it as far as I possibly can up there. Even if it’s in the rough, I can still get it to the front edge or the middle of the greens with pitching wedges or 9-irons. That’s the beauty of my length and that advantage.

“I can swing it faster and get through a lot more grass. That’s personally where I feel like it’s been a tremendous advantage. For example, Brooks and what he was able to do at Bethpage Black. He just obliterated the golf course with his strength, and that’s something that I admired and wanted to try to model myself after to try to do what he did.”

Whether this tactic works remains to be seen.

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