Brooks Koepka recalls his first encounter with Phil Mickelson at The Masters back in 1999

Brooks Koepka Reveals Phil Mickelson Snubbed Him For An Autograph As A Kid

Brooks Koepka believes he could be the only kid to have ever been snubbed for an autograph by compatriot Phil Mickelson at the Masters.

The revelation came out as Koepka described visiting Augusta as a boy back in the late 90s on the hunt for mementos from his golfing heroes.

“I was standing by the old range, and somehow found my way into the parking lot and asked him for an autograph,” the three-time Major winner recalled.

“He said no, he turned me down. I’m probably about the only kid Phil’s ever turned down!”

Asked if he’d talked to Phil about the incident since, Koepka said: “He doesn’t remember. I mean, I can’t believe he doesn’t remember the first time he ever said no to a kid, signing an autograph.

“I told him, I think in 2014. We were playing a practice round at the British Open. I had to tell him. I was like, ‘Listen, man, you stiffed me, and I really didn’t like you for a long time’.

“He was typical Phil, right back at me,” Koepka said. “He told me I shouldn’t have been in the parking lot, so fair enough! We can laugh about it now. I’ve got his autograph now.”

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Phil confirmed he had no memory of the incident, but had his own issues with the anecdote being brought up again.

“When reporters ask you about stuff like that, it makes me feel old, so thank you for that!

“It’s fun for me to play with these young guys and to see their game develop. It’s actually fun stories that a guy like Brooks Koepka, who’s won, what, three Majors now, has been out here following as a kid. It’s a little weird but it’s pretty cool, too.

“To be able to play with him and see his greatness shine and to be a somewhat part of that or a witness to it as well as compete against it, it’s been fun. I enjoy that.”