Tiger Woods tooth knocked out by cameraman

Tiger Woods dramatically lost a front tooth when he was struck by a cameraman

Tiger Woods tooth
Tiger Woods with one less tooth

Tiger Woods dramatically lost a front tooth when he was accidentally struck by a cameraman during a crowd surge

Tiger Woods tooth was dramatically knocked out on Monday while he watched girlfriend  Lindsey Vonn compete in Italy.

While Vonn was busy winning her 63rd World Cup Alpine event, Woods was accidentally struck in the face by a shoulder-mounted video camera when a crowd surge pushed people towards him.

It caused a nearby cameraman to turn and hit the former world number one in the mouth, with Woods agent Mark Steinberg confirming Woods lost his tooth in the incident.

The 14-time major winner covered the injury with a scarf after the accident, but photos of his new smile eventually emerged.

Woods is due to make his first appearance of 2015 season at the Phoenix Open next weekend, and if he wants to replace the tooth with an implant before then it'll cost him around $2,000, a small drop in the ocean of his predicted $78.1m earnings in 2013.

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