Tiger Woods Joins PGA Tour Policy Board In Wake Of PIF Merger

The 15-time Major winner has joined as a Player Director in the wake of the PGA Tour's shock merger with the PIF

Tiger Woods takes a tee shot during the 2023 Masters
Tiger Woods has joined the PGA Tour's Policy Board as a Player Director
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The PGA Tour has announced that 15-time Major winner Tiger Woods has joined its Policy Board as its sixth Player Director.

The move comes in the aftermath of the Tour's shock merger with the Saudi Public Investment Fund that finances LIV Golf.

According to a statement released by the PGA Tour, the move is part of a new agreement between commissioner Jay Monahan, player members, Player Directors and Player Advisory Council members “to ensure that the Tour lives up to its mission of being a player-driven organization, ‘for the players, by the players.’”

The statement also explains that player leaders have driven the initiative as part of a desire to “uphold the Tour’s core principles,” which Monahan has agreed to support.

It goes on to confirm that players and Monahan will work together to ensure that “no major decision can be made in future without the prior involvement and approval of the Player Directors.”

Players Directors’ Special Advisor Colin Neville will also be made aware of the state of negotiations as he carries out his duties on behalf of the players. That will give Player Directors including Woods the authority to “approve – or to decline to approve – any potential changes to the Tour as part of the Framework Agreement discussions.”

Following the shock merger agreement announced in June, there was an almost immediate backlash from many players, particularly over the secretive nature of the negotiations and their lack of involvement, with Monahan facing calls to resign. With the dust having settled to a degree, the move appears to have been made to address those concerns.

Along with Rory McIlroy, Woods was one of the PGA Tour’s biggest defenders amid the LIV Golf threat. Therefore, even though his playing opportunities are limited due to ongoing injury issues, it is not surprising that he has been given more power as the PGA Tour plots a way forward in the wake of the merger agreement.

Following his appointment, the 47-year-old said: “I am honored to represent the players of the PGA Tour. This is a critical point for the Tour, and the players will do their best to make certain that any changes that are made in Tour operations are in the best interest of all Tour stakeholders, including fans, sponsors and players.

“The players thank Commissioner Monahan for agreeing to address our concerns, and we look forward to being at the table with him to make the right decisions for the future of the game that we all love. He has my confidence moving forward with these changes.”

On the appointment of Woods, Monahan said: “Tiger’s voice and leadership throughout his career have contributed immeasurably to the success of the PGA Tour, and to apply both to our governance and go-forward plan at this crucial time is even more welcomed and impactful.

“I am committed to taking the necessary steps to restore any lost trust or confidence that occurred as a result of the surprise announcement of our Framework Agreement. My job in the negotiations – in partnership with our Player Directors, PAC and the broader membership – is to advocate for what is best for the PGA Tour members today and in the future. Any agreement we reach must be shaped by our members’ input and approval earned through our Player Directors.”

Woods will join existing Player Directors Patrick Cantlay, Charley Hoffman, Peter Malnati, Rory McIlroy and Webb Simpson in his new role, along with five Independent Directors including Ed Herlihy and Jimmy Dunne, who were instrumental in brokering the merger, and PGA of America Director John Lindert.

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