The 15-time Major winner's car accident was caused by speeding, it has been revealed


“Excessive Speed” The Cause Of Tiger Woods’ Car Crash

Tiger Woods was driving at nearly twice the speed limit prior to his February car crash in LA, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed.

“Excessive speed” was the primary cause of his accident, with police saying that Woods was driving too fast for the bend of the road.

His car hit a tree at 75mph according to the police after travelling at speeds of up to 87mph in a 45mph zone.

The findings come after the black box from his vehicle was analysed.

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Woods was driving at an unsafe speed for the road conditions and was unable to negotiate the curve of the road, it has been revealed.

The 15-time Major winner did not brake, with police guessing that he may have pressed the accelerator instead of the brake pedal amidst panic.

The cause of the incident was revealed last week, with Woods giving the police permission to release their findings.

“There was no evidence of intoxication or impairment,” police said.

“No citation was issued and there were no independent witnesses.

LA County Sheriffs released an image of the scene

“He has no recollection of the incident,” a police officer said.

“He was dazed and confused, being in a state of shock.”

Woods responded on Twitter after the police released the findings;

Tiger Woods was recently visited by a number of his fellow tour pros including Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka and Rickie Fowler.

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The American is currently back home in Florida recovering, with his rehab set to take 1-2 years after the accident.

He had to have a rod inserted into his leg as well as screws and pins in his ankle.

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