Titleist T-Series Irons Revealed

Everything you need to know about the new Titleist T-Series and 620 irons

Titleist Irons Range

Titleist T-Series Irons Revealed - All the details on Titleist's new T100, T200 and T300 irons as well as the 620 CB and MB irons

Titleist T-Series Irons Revealed

Two years has passed since the launch of the 718 irons and so it’s now time for a new range from Titleist. But this isn’t merely another AP line with a new number in front of it.

Nope, Titleist believes the jump in technology and performance is so significant, it needed a completely new name. It has been crowned the T-Series and there are three models within it, accompanied by new 620 CB and MB irons, catering for every style and ability of player looking to hit their iron shots closer.


The T100 is most similar to the outgoing 718 AP2 model. It is a players' iron, traditional in loft, that features a forged cavity construction and a thinner, more responsive face. An average of 66g of co-forged, dual density tungsten optimizes launch within the 3-7-irons and boosts off-centre forgiveness.

The irons also boast enhanced sole camber for cleaner turf interaction, less offset and a thinner topline that matches the old 718 CB model.

The T200, which most closely matches the popular 718 AP3 in terms of size, is where the biggest leap in technology can be found. It features Max Impact, an innovation that extends the maximum speed across the face for consistent distance by combining Titleist’s thinnest face, a structural support and a silicone polymer core developed in partnership with the Titleist ball team.

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Side benefits include improved launch and a more preferable feel. This players’ distance iron has a forged L-face, tungsten weighting in the long irons and is designed for golfers seeking distance from a tour-inspired look.

The T300, the largest and longest of the T-Series that most closely resembles the 718 AP1, also features Max Impact technology and tungsten weighting for distance and forgiveness.


The address view of the new T-Series irons from left-to-right: T100, T200 and T300

It also has a medallion dampener for improved sound and feel and the added bounce on the sole for improved turf interaction.

For the better player seeking a softer feel, there is the option of the 620 CB and MB irons. The 620 CB now has a thinner topline and tungsten weighting in the 3 and 4-iron only, while the 620 MB is a one-piece forged muscleback for the ultimate in feel and shot making and has a new brushed finish.


The new 620 CB (left) and MB from the address view

The Titleist T-Series and 620 irons go on sale on August 30th with the following RRPs per club in a wide range of shafts as standard (steel): T100 - £160, T200 - £160, T300 - £125, 620 CB and MB - £160.