The new Titleist 4UP StaDry stand bag gets its name from weighing under four pounds and beating its competition in four ways

Titleist’s 4UP StaDry Stand bag came to be after the brand identified a need in the market for a very light stand bag that weighs less than 4lbs but is still waterproof.

The 4UP bag is therefore said to be 4up against the competition. It gains this advantage through also having excellent durability, being 100 per cent waterproof thanks to the StaDry material and finally waterproof and finally by being developed and made with the most premium materials.

For those that work in kilos, the 4UP StaDry bag weighs 1.8kg and features a waterproof seam sealed construction to stop water entering at any location. It has a three-way divided top-cuff with full-length dividers and three integrated lift handles.

An active recoil EVA Stand System helps as you pick your bag up between shots while four waterpoof zippered pockets keep your most important belongings dry. Finally, the legs are made of lightweight aluminium, making them strong without straining your shoulders when carrying

The Titleist StaDry 4UP stand bag has an RRP of £175.